Treatment Process

Your first appointment involves an initial consultation to develop a file history and discuss any health concerns. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks before relaxing on a very comfortable reclining chair. You will then be covered as you might feel a little cooler as treatment progresses.

If you have any question about reflexology, you can always ask, at any stage of the treatment.


The reflexologist will then start examining the feet to make sure there are no injuries or particular contraindication and then the treatment can start by applying a gentle but firm pressure on different parts of the foot. Very often, for people with very high level of stress or very receptive to the treatment, they will fall asleep on the chair.


After the treatment, you might feel different reactions like excessive tiredness, more frequent toilet visits, stress relief, change of mood, hunger or nausea…You could also have other reactions that you can discuss about with your reflexologist during your next session. These are all “good” indications that your body is reacting to the treatment and they will last just for a few hours.


The reflexologist will keep all the information he noticed during the session and that will help him to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.


Don’t forget to DRINK WATER after the session! It’s very important to eliminate the toxins, bring back balance in your body and help it healing.

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